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Blue Rhythm (1931)


Blue Rhythm (1931)

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What if the universe looks closer to the flower of life but it’s occupying that space in a form we can’t (yet?) perceive


What if the universe looks closer to the flower of life but it’s occupying that space in a form we can’t (yet?) perceive

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Vogue Bleue.
Trés chic et en vogue ;)

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What is to be lost in this world

I found my friends

My loyal friends

That one day

They said I love you

Instead take my hand

Go to the top of the world

Smile and scream of happiness

They take my beer

My happiness, my joy of life

For what? What is the price of a friendship?

Why I need so much attention

Since I was a little boy I been betrayed

Always been the target of the shitty actions

That doesn’t have a real meaning

Its only pain, the hardest pain ever

That you are nothing to anyone

You are always


You take him as you best friend

Love of this kind

It’s the best one

 You know that sometimes

People got something special

He looks inside your eye

Inside your soul saying

I miss you man

I wish you were more in my everyday life

Since we stopped to study together

I feel a big hole in my heart

Did you ever trust in these words?

Times later he takes a knife

A sharp one witch one shines like the full moon

That’s makes you blind when she is coming after you

Stabbing where you though never going to hurt

But hurt so bad, so bad that you don’t have a reaction

You sit there alone weeping like a baby

People are starring at you

Like you were that childlike years ago

When you were trying to make friends and they shit on you moral

On your life

Because you are nothing but a empty soul

Without a body to live

Trying to make your worse quality

A big shield that no one’s see

The hole in your eyes

The hole in your life.

Cause you are lost in the world

Full of lies and shitty smiles

Bar friends and empty bodies

Where you feel there is no place to you in this world

Keep walking fighting that mortal feeling

Of run and scream through the streets

And never come back

And never look back.



Swiss Style Cobra


Swiss Style Cobra